December 12

* Christmas! *

It is nearly Christmas! Everything we do at school is realated to Christmas. We’re making books with all our Christmas activities in it. We have put the Christmas tree up in our classroom. There is a Elf on the Shelf that we take it in turns to hide. It is exciting! Merry Christmas!

December 12

My busy weekend

On the weekend I did a lot. On Saturday my mum & I did heaps of shopping. In the afternoon we went to a market near the lake. On Sunday we made presents for my mum’s friends. I also made some gingerbread. I had a good weekend!

December 12

*My Weekend!*

On the weekend I was busy. I went to my friend Miette’s ballet concert at Eastbank. I saw Abbie and Miette through a gap in the wall. The ballet went for ages. On Saturday it was my Display Day at gymnastics. I had a good weekend.

November 23

The Supermoon!

On the 14th of November there was a supermoon! It was big and bright peach in colour. There will be another supermoon on December the 14th. A supermoon normally only happens every 18 years. It is amazing!

November 23

B.S.P.S. Fete!

On Thursday 10th November it was the B.S.P.S. Fete! My class, MLH, did the Broken Arms stall. We raised lots of money. I even wrapped up some peoples broken arms! Makayla, Sophie & I performed in Bourchier’s Got Talent! Everyone had so much fun!

November 14

Grade 3 Excursion!

On Friday 11th November all the Grade 3s went on an excursion! First up we went to John Sherbourne Shepphard’s hut. A man called Evan showed us around. We saw a graveyard containing 3 of Shepphard’s relatives. After that we went to the War Memorials for the Remembrance Day service. Josh and I layed the wreath for B.S.P.S. Then we went to the Queen’s Gardens and ate our playlunch. Next we went for a walk under the bridge that leads to Moroopna. After that we had our lunch at Monash Park. Everyone played on the cows. Then we walked all the way to the Telstra Tower. We walked all the way to the top! I could see my house. Next we went to the Shepparton Heritage Museum. We went through a tunnel with paintings on the walls. A man named Peter told us that he and his friends were going to rebuild the old post office outside the museum! Everyonehad a great time!img_2251sl377026

November 14

The Fete!

On Thursday 10 October it’s the Bourchier Street Primary School Fete! There are going to be so many stalls. Everyone is so excited! There is going to be a Talent Show. Everyone has been practising for it. My friends and I are doing a dance to Waka Waka. I can’t wait for the fete!

November 2

*My busy weekend!*

I had a busy weekend. It was exciting. On Friday night I went to a fairwell party for my Mum’s friend, Joan. It was held at Chris’s house. Chris had two dogs called Archie and Maisie. They were so cute! On Saturday I went to my friend Violet’s birthday. After that Makayla and Sophie came to my house. We squirted each other with the hose. On Sunday my family played tennis. I had a good weekend.

October 17

*My Weekend*

On the weekend I didn’t do much. My budgie, Tweet, died. My Dad and I buried him in the back yard.  On Sunday, my Dad and I went down to the tennis courts and played a couple of sets.  My weekend was okay.